Removable: DanceFlex is 100% floating and removable! If you move, you can lift the floor and take your investment with you! The one of a kind, clip and groove system, means there are no nails. The clips are totally invisible when fitted to the back of the boards. This floor can be installed directly over practically any level sub-floor.


Maintenance: DanceFlex is pre-finished, easy to clean, keep clean and requires very little maintenance. A dry dust mop daily and damp mopping every two weeks are all that is required to maintain the beauty and performance of the DanceFlex floor. The factory-applied polyurethane finish seals to the hardwood for superior durability and provides a hygienically safe traction coating which will not support the growth of bacteria or mildew.



Installation: The DanceFlex clip system is the easiest system to assemble. While many owners install the floor themselves, some do hire a contractor to do the installation. Our floor comes completely pre-finished, a typical installation takes less than two days with no fumes or odors to disrupt the operation of your facility. The floor is available for use immediately after the installation. 




Finance options now available through Charter Capital.


Finance terms of 36 to 60 months with many different structures from $10,000 to $500,000 dollars.


Please call Carey Wilbur at 480-874-5402 or email for available finance options and qualifications.



Are you looking for a professional installer?


Let us know. We can make a recommendation.

** We've sold over 1 Million square feet of this fabulous floor! We understand that purchasing a new floor is a great expense.  Not only are you investing in your studio, but also in yourself. We offer the most practical and economical flooring available.