25 Year

Commercial Warranty

Pre-Installation Warranty

Each DanceFlex Flooring plank is carefully inspected before it leaves our factory. However, if for any reason the architect, designer, owner or contractor is not 100% satisfied with any plank prior to installation, it will be replaced free of charge. As with all natural products, variations in color and grain are to be expected and often desired. To assist in making a selection, please refer to DanceFlex Flooring grading charts.


25 Year Structural Warranty
DanceFlex Flooring solid hardwood floors are specifically designed to withstand the punishment of heavy traffic applications. If any manufacturing, mechanical, or structural aspect fails with the first 25 years, the floor will be repaired or replaced (our option) at no charge.


25 Year Installation System Warranty
If any installation component or installation system fails within the first 25 years, the floor will be repaired or replaced (our option) at no charge. This full 25 year warranty is valid on all DanceFlex Flooring products approved systems, providing that the floor has been installed according to DanceFlex Flooring specifications.


Resurfacing Warranty
The greatest asset of a hardwood floor is the thickness of its wear surface. This directly relates to how many times it can be sanded and refinished to look like new. DanceFlex Flooring 7/8” product is warranted to withstand at least six professional sandings and the 9/16” profile is warranted to withstand at least three complete resurfacings. Drum sanding by a professional should remove no more than 1/32” of wear surface per sanding.


Exclusions from Warranties
All solid hardwood products expand and contract during normal seasonal cycles. This may result in minor
separations between planks in dry months and a slight peaking of edges in humid months. This natural occurrence is not considered a defect and is not covered by this warranty. If more than 10% of the flooring is subjectively viewed as unacceptable prior to installation, yet is manufactured within DanceFlex Flooring standards, DanceFlex Flooring reserves the right to refund the purchase price rather than exchange the material. This warranty will not apply to any product which is abused, improperly installed, improperly maintained, or damaged by circumstances beyond our control. If a defect should occur, DanceFlex Flooring will be responsible for the replacement value of the floor only, if repairs are not possible. DanceFlex Flooring will not be liable for any indirect costs such as loss of profits, reinstallation of fixtures, or any incidental, special, or consequential damages including loss of time and inconvenience. This warranty covers all DanceFlex Flooring products purchased after October 1, 1998 and extends to the original owner only (non transferable).